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How to Make Feedly Left Sidebar/Menu Always Visible (Firefox, Chrome)

I want Feedly to show the left menu permanently. In my case, the menu is automatically hidden on my Firefox browser because of the Tree Style Tab add-on. Still, even though the add-on uses some portions of the browser’s width to display the tabs on the left or right of the screen, the main part should be large enough for Feedly to display its left menu and feeds. So, how to force Feedly to show the menu all the time? How to disable its auto hide for the menu?

feedly on firefox

The simplest way is to press the key combination of [Ctrl] + [-]. However, this makes everything looks smaller, including the font size.

The second option is to use this Greasemonkey script, which is called as Custom Feedly Styles (+ Always Show Left Menu). The script disables the auto hide after you install it. You can learn how to install it on Firefox, Chrome and Opera from this guide.

Version tested: Custom Feedly Styles 2.9.50 | Homepage

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