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How to Extract Images from PDF Files Without Copy Paste (Windows)

Extracting images from pdf the old fashioned way by copying the images and pasting them into a photo editor is preferable when we want to grab certain images from a PDF file, but it would be really time consuming to do so when we need to extract many images from a PDF file or even from some PDF files. This is the kind of situation where a PDF extraction software comes in handy, especially those that support batch extraction. After searching for a while I found this freeware that lets you extract images from many PDF files at once. Meet PDF Image Extractor.

With PDF Image Extractor 2.5.0–developed by iWesoft–all you need to do to extract images from PDF files is adding all of the PDF documents into the program, specify the destination folder via the Conversion Settings window, and hit the Start Conversion button to get it all done.


You can add as many PDF files as you need. Adding folders and subfolders is also possible if you want to process the whole folders at once. The conversion is relatively fast, depending on the size and the number of the input files.

After the conversion is done you will be asked if you want to open the output folder. Additionally, you can also see the conversion status of each PDF file. If there are some files that were failed to be converted, they can be converted again within a single click by selecting “Convert Failed Files”. This option can be displayed by clicking on the drop-down arrow of the conversion button.

Key Features:

  • Straightforward user interface.
  • Relatively fast conversion.
  • Add individual files and/or folders. Support drag and drop.
  • Support batch extraction.
  • Extract images and save them in their original formats.
  • Optionally create a folder for each PDF file to group the images.
  • Export and import file list.
  • Rearrange the queue position of each PDF file.
  • Extract from password-protected PDF documents.
  • Doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat and Reader.


There was an error, though. I happened to have a folder that also contain images in addition to PDF files. I added the folder into the program and then it stopped responding suddenly. Clicking on its close button didn’t work to terminate it so I had to shut it down by ending its process through the Task Manager. Then I tried to move the images and added the folder again, and it worked. So make sure the folder and subfolders contains only PDF files before adding them.

Additionally, while it allows you to add multiple folders one by one, the “Browse for Folder” dialog window always start at Desktop. In my case, I have a PDF folder that contains some subfolders but need to add only a few of them, so I had to navigate over and over again all the way from the Desktop to the directory to add each folder. It would be a time saver if it starts from the last accessed folder instead of Desktop.

Download Size:6.07 MB
Supported OS:Windows 7/Windows Vista/WinXP/Windows 2000
License: Freeware
Download page: iwesoft.com

All in all, it’s a good piece of tool to have to extract images from PDF files efficiently without copy paste each image like some of us probably used to. Note that this is a free version. The limitation is that you can only save the images in their original formats. The Pro version lets you save them into different image formats.

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