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How to Delete All Emails in Gmail At Once

How to delete all emails in Gmail inbox at once? I was asking to myself this question yesterday when I needed to do so but couldn’t find the option anywhere I look. After clicking here and there, I finally found out how to do it. It’s actually pretty simple yet the Gmail’s latest interface hides the option pretty well. So, here is how you can delete all of your emails in one click.

I found two tricks to do this.

==> First Trick: By Temporarily Removing the Inbox Tabs

  1. While inbox tabs comes in handy to separate emails, the interface is actually the one responsible for making the option hidden. Click the gear icon on the right and select “Configure inbox”.

    Configure inbox

  2. Uncheck all the tabs except Primary and then click the Save button.

    Remove Inbox Tabs

  3. Click on the square box to check it. Or, click the drop-down button to display the list and select “All”. This option only selects all emails on the first page. To select all emails in your inbox read the next step.

    Select All

  4. You should be able to see a message that appears in a yellow bar underneath the buttons bar by now. Click the sentences that are underlined in the bar to select all emails.

    Underlined Text

    Underlined Message

  5. Now you can click the trash button to delete all of the emails in one click.

==> Second Trick: By Using The Search

If you don’t want to remove the tabs just to delete the emails, you can use the following trick.

Type “label:all” without quotes in the Search box in Gmail and hit Enter or press the button. Repeat from the third to the final step mentioned above for the rest.

Label All

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