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How to Crop Image In a Circle Shape

Aside from Photoshop, there are a number of photo editing tools that let you crop image in a perfectly round shape.

If you want to get it done online, you can use Pixlr or Lunapic. Even Tuxpi can crop pictures in different shapes like circle, heart, star, half moon, etc. If you prefer using a desktop application, try Photoscape. It’s a freeware and designed to run on Windows platform.

Here is how to use Photoscape to give your photo a complete circle shape.

1. Run Photoscape and then choose Editor.



2. Find and choose the folder in which you store the photo that is about to be cropped.

3. Add the picture from the left to the workspace on the right side.

4. Click “Crop” tab below the workspace.

5. Click “Crop Round Image” to put a check mark on it.

6. Click and drag to select the part that you want to keep in the image, and then click the Crop button. Optionally press and hold Shift key while selecting the part to make sure that the circle has a perfect round shape.

7. Hit the Save button when you’re satisfied with the result. If not, you can always undo the step to make another attempt.

In case you wonder where to download Photoscape, or in case you don’t like the idea of downloading the freeware from the download links provided by the developer which refer to Download.com and Softonic, you can download the program from FreewareFiles.

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