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How to Create Winrar Profile for Specific Compression Tasks

Creating Winrar profiles makes it possible for you to perform specific compression tasks instantly without having to configure the settings over and over again whenever you want to do the same task. For instance, you can create a profile to delete the original files after compressing, to choose a specific compression method for certain files, split the archives into a fixed number of parts, compress hundreds of files into separate RAR archives, and so on. It’s a tremendously helpful feature that every archiving tool should have.

In this how-to part, let’s create a Winrar profile to compress multiple files to individual RAR archives.

How to create it

  1. Select all of the files that you want to process and right-click on them, followed by clicking on the “Add to archive…” option within the Winrar menu to open the [Archive name and parameters] window.
  2. add to archive option

  3. Go to the [Files] tab.
  4. Select “Put each file to separate archive”.
  5. compress each file to individual archive

  6. Now go back to the [General] tab.
  7. Click on the [Profiles…] button and choose “Save current settings to a new profile…”
  8. save it as a new profile

  9. Enter a name to the new profile.
  10. Put a check mark on “Add to context menu” to make the profile visible on the Winrar’s right-click menu.
  11. Optionally, put a check mark on “Immediate execution”. This option makes Winrar performs the task of a profile instantly without having to open the [Archive name and parameters] window.
  12. new profile configuration

  13. Hit [OK] to create the profile.
  14. Hit [OK] again to exit the [Archive name and parameters] window.

And this is how it looks like after you add a new profile:

the result

Now try to right-click on any file. You should be able to see the new profile within the Winrar’s context-menu. This profile can be customized again if you think there is something missing. To customize it, click on the [Profiles…] button again, and choose “Organize profiles…” to open the window where you can see all of the existing profiles. Then, double-click the profile that you want to edit.

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