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How to Create Animated GIF Online

An animated GIF image offers an attractive way to display your picture as people are naturally more interested in moving objects rather than the static ones. Since an animated GIF image consists of a series of frames that are displayed one after the other, you have to prepare a number of images beforehand to create one. Here I use 5 JPG images to produce an animated GIF. There are many online GIF animation makers, but here we use only Picasion to create animated GIF online. It’s free and doesn’t require any sign up to use the tool.

How to use Picasion

  1. I took 5 photos of my mug in different positions for this how-to post. Picasion.com allows you to add up to 10 pictures at a time if you want to upload more. There are only three buttons displayed by default, but you can display more by clicking “add one more picture”. Keep in mind that you have to upload more than one image to be able to produce an animated image.
  2. 1 - create animated gif online

  3. Picasion provides options to change the output size and speed. Here I chose “Normal” for both. You can specify a custom size and speed if you want to by clicking the down-arrow button to display the drop-down list and then click the “Advanced” option.
  4. 2-gifonline-options




  5. Finally, click the “Create animation” button to create animated gif image from the uploaded images.

That’s it. It only took 3 easy steps to create animated GIF online using Picasion. After you click the “create animation” button, a new webpage is displayed where you can view the result. Beside saving the GIF image to your computer, you can also share it on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. The output page also provides some HTML codes that you can use to display it on websites or online forums.


Picasion also lets you grab images from URLs and webcam. Importing images from Flickr and Picasa are possible as well.


And here is the result…



  • Reduce the size of the images before you upload them to Picasion. The creation process takes longer for images with bigger size, so it is strongly advised to compress the size beforehand.
  • You don’t need to convert your images to GIF format before uploading. Let Picasion does it for you.

As I said, there are many websites where you can create animated GIF online for free. Each of these websites might have different user interface but the procedure to produce an animated image is the same. However, each might have different limitations. For example, only up to 10 images are allowed to be uploaded at a time in Picasion but other similar websites might have different limitations. So, if you often need to make animated GIF pictures online, you can use different website for each task until you find the one that suits your needs the best.

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