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How to Compress Multiple Files to Individual RAR Archives At Once Using Winrar

With so many cool stuff on the internet, having several hard drives with a total capacity of 3TB isn’t enough. In addition to deleting many files due to the low space, I had to move some files to DVD discs and compressed a large number of files with Winrar. The problem is, the option to compress multiple files to individual archives is rather hidden in Winrar. Winrar’s right-click menu only provides the option to compress several files into one archive by default. Compressing a few files into separate archives one by one is still acceptable, but it just doesn’t make sense anymore when you have hundreds of files to process unless you’re willing to spend so much time of yours. After exploring the program, I discovered a simple way to solve this issue.

How to do it:

  1. Right-click on the files that you want to compress and click on “Add to archive…”
  2. add to archive option

  3. Open the [Files] tab.
  4. Put a check mark on “Put each file to separate archive”.
  5. option to compress files individually

  6. Hit [OK].

As you can see below, the selected files are compressed into individual RAR archives once you hit the [OK] button.

the compressed files

Tips: If you don’t want to do it every time you need to compress multiple files the same way, you can save this action as a new profile and add the profile to the Winrar’s right-click menu. Here is a detailed how-to on creating Winrar profile f you want to know how to do it.

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