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Hide or Remove Context Menu Items in Windows Explorer Easily

Your Windows explorer context-menu may have more and more items over time as you install more applications to the system. It becomes cluttered. Finding a particular item within the menu isn’t as easy as it was. And you may also find that the menu becomes slower when right-clicking on a certain filetype.

Some applications include options to remove their specific right-click entries that allow users to enable or disable them easily anytime. Unfortunately, some do not.

There are some free tools available to address this issue, but using CCleaner is probably the easiest way.

Download CCleaner either the installer or the portable version. Launch the program, select Tools from the left sidebar, click Startup, and then click Context Menu tab.

manage context menu

You will see the list of the content of Windows explorer context-menu in that tab. To enable or disable an item, just select and double-click on it. The item will be removed from the context menu once it is disabled.

CCleaner also has an option to delete a context-menu item completely from the system, which is especially useful if you notice an item is still in the menu even though the application that puts it there has been uninstalled. A dialog box will appear after you click the Delete button, letting you know that the item will be removed permanently and asking for your confirmation.

This feature is very handy to keep Windows explorer right-click menu as short as possible. Even if the selected programs already include options to disable or remove the entries, it is easier to do it in one place than launching each program one by one and accessing the Settings page to get it done.

CCleaner supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Version tested: CCleaner 4.05 on Windows 7 | Homepage

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