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Hide Navigation Toolbar in Firefox & Use Shortcut to Open Links and Browse Web

Want to get larger screen to read the main content of a webpage but do not want to enter the full screen mode in Firefox? Here are a few things you can do: hide the add-on bar, hide the bookmarks toolbar, and hide the navigation toolbar. There are shortcuts to hide bookmarks and add-on bar, but not for the navigation.

Hide Navigation Bar is the Firefox extension that lets you easily hide the toolbar simply by pressing a single keyboard shortcut, F2. Press F2, and the toolbar will be gone as long as you want it to be.

hide navigation bar

The extension lets you apply a custom hotkey to replace the default F2 key. Moreover, it can also be set to hide the toolbar at Firefox startup.

If you want to open a new link or URL address, you don’t have to unhide the navigation toolbar to type the address in the address bar. Just press Alt + D. This will pop up the “Open Web Location” window.

open web location

By default the URL that you open through the “Open Web Location” window is opened in current tab. You can make it open in a new tab or new window if you want to.

If you enable the toolbar auto-hide option of the extension, you can display the navigation toolbar by moving mouse cursor to tab area. This lets you access the address bar and the add-on icons. However, to type and open a new URL, I personally like the shortcut Alt + D more because it is faster.

auto hide

In short, there are three ways you can open a new URL when the navigation toolbar is hidden:

  1. Use the combination of Alt + D.
  2. Enable the auto-hide feature of the extension so that you can simply move mouse cursor to tab area whenever you want to make the address bar visible.
  3. Press Ctrl + T to open a new tab and then press F6.


  • Aside from enabling the auto-hide feature so that you can get access to the add-on icons on the navigation toolbar by moving mouse cursor to the tab bar, you can optionally move the icons to the tab bar. The add-on icons can be moved through the Customize Window setting.
  • If you want to copy the URL of the current tab when the navigation bar is hidden, you can also use F6 and then followed by Ctrl + C.

Go to Firefox add-on page to download and install Hide Navigation Bar

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