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Google Alerts Alternative That Looks Similar to Google Alerts? Try Talkwalker Alerts

Google Alerts used to be one of the good sources to get latest news quickly but now it seems it doesn’t work as good as it was. If you feel the same way, you can try to use an alternative. There are a number of Google Alerts alternatives out there, but if you’re looking for one that looks similar to Google Alerts, then Talkwalker Alerts can probably meet your taste.

If you’ve ever created an alert with Google Alerts, you will find that the create form of Talkwalker Alerts as well as the Manage Alerts section resemble to Google Alerts’ with a slightly neater user interface. Even if you’ve never created any before, the way the form is created makes you able to do the job immediately. It is simple without bells and whistles.

You can create an alert immediately once you enter the site. Type the keyword for the item that you want to receive updates or alerts, choose a language, decide how often and how many the alerts that should be delivered to your email, and enter your active email.

front page

Click on the Preview icon to view the results of your alert configuration. The results are displayed at the right of the form. Scroll down to the bottom to read all of the results. If you aren’t satisfied, tweak your configuration and preview it again until you get what you want. If you like what you see, click “Create Alert” button.

The next window is where you can manage the alerts that you’ve created. You can turn off/on the email delivery, switch to text emails, delete or edit any alert, and export alerts. On the left side you can see a rss icon for each alert in case you want the alerts to be delivered via RSS feed rather than email. As for me, I would choose the email delivery to my Gmail account because that way I can sort the alerts by applying each a proper label.

manage alerts

If you’ve used Google Alerts, you can simply import your alerts from there to Talkwalker Alerts instead of configuring everything from zero. It can save your time significantly. The import button can be found on the top area.

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