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GlobalFindBar Restores The Old Firefox FindBar, Keep It Open in All Tabs and WIndows, And More

Do not like the default Findbar in Firefox nowadays where “Highlight All” and “Match Case” options are placed far away from the search box, and that the previous and next button are completely replaced by the up and down arrow buttons, not to mention that the search box is displayed only in a single tab and will be gone when you load a new tab or go to the next tab, which makes your search is only effective per tab? You’re not alone.

GlobalFindBar is a Firefox extension that restores the old Find bar behavior while adding some extra options. After installed, by default it makes the Findbar stays open in all tabs until you close the box. This applies to all tabs within a single window. If this isn’t enough as you need it to always visible even when you open a new window, you can switch to “All Windows” option.


It is also possible to make the bar opens only in tabs that share the same domain; i.e., all tabs with Wikipedia pages loaded will have FindBar opened with the same search term. This feature can be enabled in GlobalFindBar’s Options page under the Tab Scope section.

If you want to revert back to the old appearance where everything in the FindBar are put next to each other, the Restore Old Style option is the one that you’re looking for to activate.

FindBar Autofocus is perhaps another option that you will like as it changes the default behavior of the browser by taking text fields into consideration, which has already been well explained by the developer:

By default Firefox will focus the FindBar if it is open, however if there is a text field focused in the window some users may like the focus to stay in that text field, this option allows this”

GlobalFindBar Options

Alternatively, the option can be set to completely disable the FindBar auto focus.

Version tested: GlobalFindBar 1.0 on Firefox Aurora 29.0a2

GlobalFindBar is a restartless add-on. Thanks to the developer, Noitidart, now we can enjoy the Find bar just like the way it should be.

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