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Free, Portable Movie Organizer With Auto IMDB Database Import: Eric’s Movie Database (EMDB)

If you have tons of movies, using a movie organizer can be very helpful to keep track of the details. EMDB is a portable one that I have been using recently to manage hundreds of movies and I like it. It’s light yet has many nice features.

To make it portable make sure that you don’t install the application within the default Program Files directory. Install it on another folder. After installing, you can move it to another location either in your hard drive or USB drive anytime without losing the data and settings. Or, you can directly install it on your external devices.

emdb bookshelf mode

emdb two panels


  • Fast, responsive, clean interface, lightweight
  • It doesn’t just keep the list of the movies. It can play the movie from the program itself by specifying the file’s location. Click the play button to play the selected movie in your default video player.
  • You can add movie titles manually one by one or automatically by scanning your hard drives.
  • Duplicate prevention – The scan result only displays the movies that aren’t in the list yet. And if you use the Add button to add a movie manually, you will be prompted when there is a similar file in the list.
  • Filter to show only certain files – For example, show only TV series or display HD Movies only.
  • Auto import IMDB information for each movie in the list.
  • Users can easily configure which details that should be imported from IMDB.
  • Ability to manually edit the IMDB information.
  • Supports cover search and download from other sites in addition to IMDB. Using your own cover is also possible—which is quite helpful especially if you have lots of Asian movies since the supported sites seem to have a poor collection of covers for them.
  • Search function.
  • Export the list to HTML, TXT and CSV.
  • Create and restore backups.
  • Create multiple database profiles.
  • Auto and manual backup tools.
  • Batch file renamer based on database tags


  • The delete function is disabled by default, which probably makes some users confused on how to delete a movie from the list. You can enable it via the General menu in the Options panel. The reason of why it is disabled is to prevent accidental deletion, but I think the confirmation dialog that keeps popping up everytime you’re about to delete an item from the list is good enough to prevent that.
  • If you need to select multiple movies to, for instance, be deleted, you can only do so in the List mode.
  • The confirmation dialog is a good thing to prevent users from accidentally delete titles from the list, but if you’re trying to do some cleanup and need to delete many files, you might not want to be prompted every single time, not to mention having to move your mouse to click “Yes” since the default button of the confirmation dialog is set to “No”. Thus, users should be given an option to disable the confirmation.

List mode

All in all, EMDB is a great application. Its hard drive scan and auto IMDB import capabilities make it easy to add many movies at once automatically. As for TV series, it handles them pretty good, too. After importing IMDB and TVDB information, users can associate the whole episodes with their movie files in one click, allowing each video to be launched from the program by highlighting the title and hitting the “Play Episode” button.

Version tested: EMDB 1.83 | Homepage
Supports: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8

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