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Free 172 Photo Slideshow Transition Effects with Special Image Player

The way your photos are presented is one of the factors that make the audience enjoy watching the gallery. Thus, instead of clicking your mouse button or right-arrow button over and over again to display the next pictures, playing the images as a slideshow is a much better option. If standard slideshow that just automatically moves from one picture to another isn’t good enough, or if your slideshow player or maker doesn’t have enough slideshow transition effects, how about using this one that gives you as much as 172 transition effects for your slideshow? The program is called as Special Image Player.

The [Transition] tab is where you can find the huge list of the transition effects. You can use all of the transitions or choose one for the slideshow. If you choose to use all, the transitions can be displayed randomly or sequentially. Moreover, the transition speed can also be adjusted.

The [Layout] tab is where you can adjust the image placement and add a background. Frame can also be added but unfortunately it looks pretty standard. There is only a single frame and the only thing you can do with it is adjusting its width and changing the color.

Adding images
Under [images] tab, you can add a folder. Just make sure that the images you want to present are located in one folder. Images in subfolders aren’t included in the slideshow.

It would be better if it supports displaying images from multiple folders so that users don’t have to move their photos from different locations to one directory to watch them.

Here you can also adjust the display interval between images. By default the interval is 1.0 seconds, which is too quick for me.

Full Screen
After you finish with all of the configurations and add images, double-click on the preview area to display the slideshow in full screen. Press [Esc] to get back to the normal interface.

Since the slideshow starts immediately once you load a folder and there isn’t anything to pause or stop it, perhaps you might want to add the folder after you finish with the configurations. This way you can make sure that the audience watch the slideshow from the very first photo.


  • There is no way to pause/resume the slideshow, so it isn’t possible to stop when you find a quite interesting photo that you want to watch closely.
  • A single standard frame.
  • No ability to add background music.
  • The settings return to its default state again everytime the program is launched.
  • No support for auto rotation.
  • Include Relevant Knowledge offer in the installation.


  • Easy to use
  • It can handle hundreds of images without any problem. I tried to load one of my photo folder containing tons of vacation photos with a total size of more than 2.8 GB, and the program played the slideshow almost instantly.
  • Lots of transition effects
  • It is possible to use all of the available effects in the slideshow.
  • Ability to adjust the transition effect speed.

Tested version: Special Image Player 2.0

All in all, it is a nice and promising slideshow application. It lacks some important features such as the ability to pause/resume and to add background music, but it has a decent number of transition effects, very easy to use, and very fast. Special Image Player is a freeware compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP and Windows 2000.

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