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Font Changer to Change Website Font Type, Size, Style & Weight With Custom & Global Settings (Chrome)

If you don’t like the font used on a site, you can change the font easily with Font Changer with Google Web Fonts. It can change the font type, make fonts bigger or smaller and make them bold or italic.

A new button is added on Chrome navigation bar after you install the extension. Visit a webpage, click the button, choose whether you want to apply custom font or global font settings, adjust the settings and click Done to save it.

font settings

If you apply a custom setting to a webpage, the setting will be activated automatically everytime you visit the page. The Global setting is enabled on all sites by default, so you should leave it empty if you don’t want it automatically changes the fonts on every site you visit.

It’s easy, quick and works on most sites.

Version tested: Font Changer with Google Web Fonts 2.1.0 on Google Chrome 28 | Homepage

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