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This is A Firefox Vertical Tabs Tree Optimized for Wide-Screen Displays

Tabs Tree moves your tabs to Firefox left sidebar, offering a quick tree-style navigation for your everyday browsing. Any new tab that you open from another tab, let’s say tab X, appears below the tab X. The tab search at the top of the tab bar can help you find tabs when you open too many to be handled on your own. The min-max-close buttons which usually reside next to the tabs are moved to the navigation bar.


Other features:

  • optionally drawing the nesting lines along the side of the tree
  • tabs quick search (highlights matching tabs when you start typing) – uses tab title and URL
  • tabs drag and drop rearranging
  • focusing last selected tab after closing a current tab
  • highlighting unloaded tabs
  • you can drag and drop links on the tabs tree and on pinned tabs
  • while viewing pinned tabs, a previously selected ordinary tab is highlighted
  • to close a tab use middle-click, Ctrl+W or double click (double click is disabled by default in extension options)


It does lack some essential features, though. For example, the search doesn’t work as I expected. Instead of displaying only the tabs you need just like what All Tabs Helper can do, the search simply highlight the tabs. This way you still have to scroll down all the way until the bottom to make sure that you don’t miss any of the search result.

Overall, however, it is good enough. If you just want to move your tabs to the side of your Firefox window to make use of the space of your wide screen and navigate the tabs in a simple tree-style browsing, perhaps this restartless Tabs Tree is the one that you’re looking for.

Version reviewed: Tabs Tree 1.0.8

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