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Firefox Full Screen Tips: Shortcut, Button, Toolbar Unhide, Readability

Reading web pages in Firefox full screen can be very convenient when you want to stay focused on what you read without too much distraction. Pressing a single keyboard shorcut allows Firefox users to go full screen instantly, but this is not the only way to do it. If you often reluctant to move your fingers from mouse to press the keyboard button, then you can add a full-screen button on Firefox toolbar area. What’s more, the toolbar can also be unhidden in full screen mode, which is quite useful when you want read more conveniently but doesn’t want to lose the ability to move from one tab to another easily.

Keyboard shortcut

The shortcut key to go full screen in Firefox is F11. Well, actually this shortcut can be used on any browser. Just press it within any browser and it should enter the full screen mode immediately.

Another shortcut key you can use to run the full screen mode in Firefox is the combination of Alt + V + F.

Full Screen button

When I do nothing but browsing the web and moving from tab to tab, I usually get too lazy to lift my fingers to touch the keyboard. So, placing a button that lets me go full screen in one click is pretty useful to me in such circumstance, and this is can be easily done in Firefox.

  • Right-click on an empty area of the toolbar and select “Customize”

    customize toolbar

  • Find the full screen button, and drag and drop it to anywhere within the toolbar. Hit the Done button to exit the “Customize Window”.

    drag drop the button

  • Done.

The next time you want to go full screen, just press the button.

Hide & Unhide Toolbar While In Full Screen Mode

The default full screen mode hides everything but the page. The toolbar, Firefox menu button, add-on bar, address bar, and even the Windows taskbar. If you just want to read the single page only, this default mode should be very helpful. However, if you intend to keep browsing the tabs while reading or viewing the web pages in full screen, then this default mode might be less helpful. Fortunately, you can unhide the toolbar easily.

  • To unhide the toolbar, you must run into full screen mode first.
  • While in full screen, move mouse cursor to top until the toolbar is displayed.
  • Now right-click on the navigation toolbar and uncheck “Hide Toolbars”.

    unhide toolbar

If the web page you are reading contains too many advertisements that distract you from focusing on the main content, you can use tools such as Readability bookmarklet or Firefox add-on like Clearly to remove all of the distractions before running the full screen mode.

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