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Find Out What WordPress Theme & Plugins Are Being Used

Find Out What WordPress Theme & Plugins Are Being Used post image

Found some blog with looks so beautiful that you’re almost willing to die for to find out the name of the theme? Well, you can contact the owner and ask him/her what theme is being used on the blog. Or, use the tool provided at whatwpthemeisthat.com. This online tool can get you the name of the theme, including the parent and child themes, along with some useful information like the URL of the theme provider and its license.

Additionally, it also lets you take a peek on the plugins being installed on the target blog.


The plugins detection isn’t reliable, though, as it cannot always detect all of the existing plugins. And it doesn’t further explain if the detected plugins are being deployed or inactive. For example, it only managed to detect three plugins for this blog and one of them was actually being inactive for some maintenance purpose.

From their FAQ page:

Due to the nature of the way some plugins operate, it isn’t possible to list every single plugin that is active on a site.

A lot of WordPress plugins are effectively invisible as they work behind the scenes or are for admin purposes.

Go to the site now to get some relatively insightful information on the themes and plugins being used on any wordpress blog

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