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Find and Learn Meaning of A Word Visually Online With Graph Words

Sometimes, using a dictionary book to find and learn the meaning of a word can be frustating. For example, the word “run” has so many different definitions. It’s quite tiresome to learn this kind of word even when you use a great dictionary program such as Word Web. Hence, Graph Words offers an interactive visual solution that makes the reading a lot easier.

In Graph Words, for every word you enter into the Draw box, a web of related words appear. If you type “incline”, for instance, you will see other words such as lean, run, tend, dispose, etc.


The first dot of each branch, that connects the main word and the synonyms, is the definition of the word. You can view the definition by hovering your mouse over the dot.

view the definition of the word

As you can see from the screenshot above, the synonym dots have different colors for some. “Orange” for adjectives, “Green” for verbs, and “Blue” for nouns.

Some other features of Graph Words to find and learn meanings of words

  • Each synonym dot can be clicked to find out its meaning and related words.
  • The tool is free and doesn’t require a member account to start using it.
  • Words can be saved as an image for your future reference or for other purposes.
  • Synonims are categorized based on the definitions of the main word.
  • For words that have lots of synonyms, sometimes you cannot see its entire map. Fortunately, the map can be moved by dragging it so that you can view the hidden dots or synonyms.
  • Each dot can be moved as well.

It seems that the site doesn’t include “Adverbs” into the map. If you use WordWeb to find the meaning of the word “true”, you can see the adverb as well, but this is missing from the map when you use the site. It also lacks examples on how a word can be used in a sentence. However, despite these lacks, Graph Word is definitely a nice addition to your collection of language tools.

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