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Find Duplicate Images with Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

If you often resize images and take photos in burst mode, then you probably have many duplicate pictures and near-identical images in your hard drive, taking up space unnecessarily. If you want to remove these images, you’ll need the right tool. There are a number of free duplicate photo finders out there and one of them, called as Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, is one of the programs that I use oftentimes due to its simplicity–even though I don’t like the “awesome” name.

main interface

Your photo folders can be added to the program either by dragging and dropping or by pressing the plus button within the main interface. It can detect duplicate images between different folders as well as within the same folder. Hit the big “Start Search” button and the scan will be running immediately. You will hear a sound when the scan is finished as well as see the statistic. It took about 17 seconds to search through 104 images in two folders, where 57 possible duplicates are found.

completed scan

Click on a set of images from the list of the pictures below the preview panel to display them side by side. In between the images you can see the similarity level, and below each image you can see its resolution as well as its size. The file location of each image can be found at the list of the files or by clicking the folder icon.

No option to remove all duplicates at once, though. You have to delete them one by one. Still, even if the “delete all” button were available, I wouldn’t use it since I don’t want the program to delete the wrong ones by mistake. Well, it depends on the types of the images, though. If they are my personal photos, then I don’t use this “delete all” button. If they are wallpapers or other images I got from the web, then I simply switch to another duplicate-finder tool that allows me to remove all the duplicates at once after the scan is finished.

settings window

The Settings window offers some options such as choosing which image types to scan–it supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF–delete files to recycle bin and delete files without confirmation. Additionally, you can also set the program to display only the duplicate images that have 100% similarity.

Note that the installer also includes Baidu PC Faster, which isn’t needed for the program to run. Make sure to remove the check mark before you proceed with the installation. Or, use the portable version.

Version reviewed: 1.1
Download the program from the developer’s site. Both installer and portable version are available.

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