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Find and Delete Duplicate Images with Image Comparator on Windows (Freeware)

If you have tons of images in your PC, there is a big chance that some of them are duplicates. Of course, checking every image to find the duplicates will definitely take a lot of time to get through. Imagine if you have 2000 images stored within one of your hard drive partition, how many hours before the duplicate images are finally found? Image Comparator is a free application that lets you find and delete all duplicate images conveniently.

I have tried a few other duplicate image finder programs, and this one has an amazingly small size compared to the other tools I’ve used. It’s only around 50KB and you can run it instantly without installation. Yes’ it’s portable. This application successfully found approximately 8908 images in about 6 minutes 11 seconds. There were 445 duplicates found from the search.


How to use Image Comparator

  1. Launch the program. Click the “Add Folder” button, navigate to the folder in which your images are stored, and hit the OK button to add the selected folder to the program.
  2. Click the “Find Duplicate” button to start the search and wait until the program completes the job.
  3. The duplicates will be listed on the two panels side-by-side once the scan is finished. The bottom panel displays the search report that includes how many duplicates were found and how long did it take to complete the search.
  4. Select the duplicates and click the “Delete Selected” to delete the duplicates.

Things I’d like to see from this program on the next update releases…

This current version, Image Comparator 1.2.0, doesn’t let you to view the duplicate images directly. I’d like to see the pictures to be displayed in thumbnail or even full mode rather than simply being listed. That way I can instantly check each image if they are really duplicates or the program just make a mistake by placing them into the result list. Currently, the only way to check the images is by clicking each image to open it in your default image viewer program. Having to open and close the image viewer again and again everytime I check an image is quite exhausting and I don’t want to do that for sure. On the other hand, if I just delete all of the images, I’m afraid that some of them are just mistakenly listed by the program.

Image Comparator options

  • Skip files with different size – You might want to activate this option when you don’t want to compare images that have different sizes even though they’re identical. It can speed up the scan when enabled.
  • Auto Delete Corrupt Files – I think this is a self-explanatory option already.
  • Include Subfolders – Enable this option when you want to scan the subfolders as well.


  • Always make sure to check whether the “include subfolders” option is checked or unchecked. If you plan to compare the images within the root folder only, uncheck this option to exclude the subfolders from the scan.
  • Use the “Clear” button to clear all of the results and use the “Remove selected” button to remove the selected results from the list. Clicking the remove button will only make the files disappear from the list, not deleting them from your hard drive.
  • The “Fast Compare” option makes the scan faster when enabled as it only compares some random pixeld on each image instead of comparing it byte by byte. Still, decreasing the pixel count doesn’t always mean that the scan will run quicker. The safest way is using the provided default value.

Image Comparator can be downloaded from here.

The supported images are JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIF anf GIF. Despite being portable, the program requires .Net Framework 4.0 to be able to run properly. It is designed for Windows, but the software website doesn’t tell which version it supports. It works well with Windows 7, however.

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