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Find A Specific Chrome Setting or Option Faster

Finding a specific Google Chrome setting or option is sometimes difficult because of the vast amount of the options. Not to mention that some options are hidden inside the Advanced Settings. It’s easy to forget where a specific setting is located among the dozens of choices, especially if you don’t use it often.

Even if you remember where you can find it, you might click a number of times to reach it. If you do this oftentimes, you will get bored soon.

For instance, “click to play” settings:

  • You have to scroll the bar to the bottom to find the “Show advanced settings..” link,
  • click on link to display the hidden options,
  • click on the “Content settings” tab of the Privacy option
  • scroll the bar to the middle
  • and finally you can access the settings.

You know where to access it, but do you really want to do all the steps above all the time?

For users who don’t know where the option is placed, how much time they have to waste before finally they cand find where it is?

A simple tip to find a specific Chrome setting faster

Let’s make it quicker. Suppose that you need to access the “click to play” settings. Here is what you should do to save your time.

  • Use the [search settings] box. It can be found on the top right corner of the Settings window.
  • Type “click to play” (without quotes) in the box.

This is what happens once you type it:

find chrome setting quickly

If a specific option is hidden inside a button, like the “click to play” feature where it is hidden within the Content settings, a small yellow notification message will let you know where to find it.

Click on the “Content settings” button and here is what you will see:

highlighted chrome option

The option that you’re looking for is highlighted in yellow color, making it easier to spot among the other options within the same window.

So, if someday you want to make some changes to a certain option but forget where it is located under the Chrome browser’s settings, or if you just want to access a hidden option more quickly, hopefully this simple tip will come in handy.

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