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Extract RAR Parts (RAR 001, part1, r001, r01…) Without All Parts

Here is the situation. You need to download all ten RAR parts (namely 001, 002….part1, .part2…r001…r01) consisting of a huge video file from a file hosting site. Your link checker tells you that each download link is alive but then it turns out that the ninth part is missing when you’re about to download it. multipart rarEven if you ask the uploader–assuming that you know him–to reupload the missing part, there is no guarantee that he will upload it soon. The good news is, even without all of the parts, you can still extract the RAR parts and play the movie. It won’t be a complete movie, nevertheless.


7ziplogoThe tools that I always use are either 7-zip or Winrar to extract rar parts and VLC media player to play the extracted video. Right-click on any of the parts and extract it with 7-zip. After the extraction is finished, launch VLC to try to play the video. That’s it. If you see an error notification after the extraction, just close the window and play the file with VLC.

Here you are the download links for VLC (both installer and portable are available) and 7-Zip.

How to extract broken rar parts with Winrar

Winrar can also be used to extract broken or partial rar parts, but there is an option that must be enabled before running the extraction to prevent the program from automatically deleting broken file after extracting.

Right-click on any of the RAR parts, select “Extract files…” to open the extraction option dialog, specify the destination folder, check off “Keep broken files” option in the Miscellaneous section, and hit the OK button to begin the extraction. If a window pops up displaying an error at the end of the extraction, just close it and launch VLC to play the video.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Right-click on a RAR part and select “Extract files…”

extract files

2. Put a check mark on “Keep broken files” option

keep broken rar

Tips: Make sure to click on “save settings” (2) so that you won’t have to repeat this step again everytime you need to extract broken rar parts.

3. The program will ask for the next volume/part. Ignore it by clicking on “Cancel”.

cancel to break extraction

4. An error notification will usually pop up afterwards. Click on “close” button.

close error report

5. Now try to play your extracted video with VLC player.

Note that this method works best for video files but still it doesn’t always work. Some videos might not be able to be viewed or played even if the extractions run without troubles. In this case, perhaps downloading all parts is the only way to fix this issue.

Keep in mind that you must have the first RAR part to be able to perform the extraction. The parts can only be extracted in sequential manner. Thus, let’s say if you have the 5th part but lacks the 4th part, then only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parts that will be able to be extracted. The 5th part wouldn’t be able to be extracted unless you have the 4th part, the 4th wouldn’t be able to be extracted without the 3rd one, and so on. If you have all the parts but the 1st, none will be extracted.

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