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Enable USB Write Protection, Disable USB Disk Detection or Autorun & More With Removable Access Tool (Ratool)

Have a lot of files in your PC that you don’t want others to copy without asking for your permission first? One of the precautionary steps you can take is enabling USB write protection or even disable USB detection completely to prevent anyone from stealing your data using any USB drive. Removable Access Tool (Ratool) is a freeware that offers such capabilities. All you need to do is just choosing an option and activate it with a single click of a button.


According to the developer, unlike most most other similar applications, the protection enabled by this tool isn’t easily broken by other USB tools. It is still possible to break the protection, of course, but it won’t be that easy. In my test, after enabling the write protection, I tried to disable it by tweaking the Windows Registry but failed. I also tried this tool to unlock the write protection but failed.

The program’s interface displays three options to choose from–Allow read and write, allow read only, disable usb disk detection. Choose any and then hit the “Apply Changes” button to activate it. Remove your USB drive if is still being plugged in and plug it again for the changes to take effect.


The [Options] menu lets you set a password to prevent anyone else using the program to change your configuration. Additionally, the “Lock Setting” is enabled by default to block any attempt to unlock the protection.

On the other hand, the [Tools] menu provides other useful options such as disabling USB autorun, showing hidden files within the drive, and safely removing hardware.

Ratool 1.0 is a free, portable application that works well on Windows 7 when being tested. The software’s page doesn’t provide information as to the Windows version it supports but it probably works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8 as well.

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