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Disable All Chrome Extensions in One Click & Disable or Uninstall Individual Extension Without Opening Extension Manager

When testing new Chrome extensions, I have to install and remove extensions many times. Thanks to the way the extension manager is put, doing so takes a lot of hassle. What even worse, once you enter the manager, it gives you no easy way to find your targets quickly. The disabled ones are greyed but still it doesn’t provide much help. That’s why an extension like One-Click Extension Manager is badly needed.

First of all, the extension provides you a quick way to disable or enable all extensions at once without having to visit the manager window. Hit the button and then choose the option to do so. Done. Simple and quick. Keep in mind, though, that when you choose to re-enable all extensions, it re-enables only the ones that you have disabled in group. The extensions that you disabled individually will stay that way.


The sweet second thing from this extension is that it makes it possible for you to disable or enable any extension individually just by left-clicking on its name from the drop-down list, while right-clicking allows you to uninstall it instantly.

What’s more, the disabled and enabled extensions are placed separately under different colors. The enabled ones are on top while the rest is put at the bottom. Even though they aren’t sorted alphabetically, at least it becomes easier to find the ones that you need.

Version reviewed: One-Click Extension Manager, tested on Chrome 25
Download and install from Google Chrome web store

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