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Differentiate Firefox Tabs With Colors to Increase Productivity

Looking for a way to differentiate your Firefox tabs so that you can find the right tab easier? Two days ago I’ve mentioned how to apply different colors to the tabs with Tab Mix Plus. Still, even though it’s an excellent add-on for some users that provides various useful features to manage tabs, you just might have a different opinion about it and thus installing the extension just to get the color highlight feature might seem too much for you. In that case, here is a much simpler solution. It’s called Tab Kit – Tab Highlighter.

Tab Kit – Tab Highlighter is a restartless Firefox add-on. Once installed you will see that the look of your Firefox tabs change. The current tab has a black background with bold white text. The unread tabs have yellow background. The protected ones have a green background. These colors cannot be changed, but you can enable/disable any effect via the extension’s option window.

If you look closely, there is a difference on the way the color applied between Tab Mix Plus and this extension. While Tab Mix Plus apply the color totally that it covers the entire area of the tab background, this one applies the color only to text area of each tab.

Tab Mix Plus:

Tab Kit – Tab Highlighter:

Even though Tab Kit – Tab Highlighter lacks in terms of style customization, it is relatively good enough to make certain tabs stand out from the rest. It’s simple and, according to the memory usage information provided by about:addons-memory, consumes less resource.

Version tested: Tab Kit – Tab Highlighter 0.2.0 on Firefox 21

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