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Delete PDF Pages and Save As A New PDF File

Need to share a PDF file but want to keep certain pages for yourself? Just like its name, PDF Page Delete is a PDF application solely dedicated to delete pages from a PDF file.

It’s a straightforward application. Users can start open or dragging and dropping the file once the program is launched, select any page that need to be removed, and then hit the Save button to save the output as a new file. The interface has a preview panel that provides a visual hint on the selected page and comes with a zoom magnifier.

I tried it with two PDF files. One is a 35MB PDF ebook containing 145 pages full with not-so-big images while the other is a 227 MB PDF ebook containing 129 pages that nearly each of them contains a large PPM image.It loaded quick enough for the 145 pages ebook and everything ran smoothly. However, it took a long time to load the other one.

The preview window helps user to know exactly if they choose the right page, but it can slow down the entire process when opening a page containing a large-size image. It is because users have to wait the preview to finish displaying the current page before they can select another page. Try it yourself. Select a page with a large image and then move quickly to another page. You will feel the delay.
Moreover, the zoom tool doesn’t help much because the interface itself cannot be maximized or resized.

The program saves the edited file under a new name automatically when you click the Save button. No option to rename the file before saving. All it does is adding the word “deleted” after the original filename to the new file. The new PDF is saved to where the original file is stored.

All things considered, PDF Page Delete is a promising application but the developer needs to do something about the loading time for a large PDF file, the small interface that cannot be resized at all, and the preview that forces to finish displaying the content before users can select another page. If possible, a portable version should also be made available. PDF Page Delete is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8 (32/64 bit).

Version tested: PDF Page Delete 1.1 (on Windows 7 64-bit) | Homepage | Download

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