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Create Chrome Theme Online Easily

Want to create your own Chrome theme from your own photo or favorite wallpaper? The theme collection at Chrome webstore provides a lot of cool themes that can be installed within a few seconds. However, if you want to have the freedom to choose any image and use colors of your choice, My Chrome Theme is just the tool that you need. Officially developed by Google, it allows you to change background image and color your tabs and other visual elements of the browser easily.

The add-on makes it possible for you to create a nice custom theme within only three main steps; import your image, add some color, and install.

Start making
Install My Chrome Theme from Chrome webstore. Your new tab page should appear automatically after the installation is finished, where you can find the app icon along with other apps. If you have some Chrome extension that changes your new tab page, such as empty new tab, it must be disabled first to be able to view the icons of installed apps.

Click on My Chrome Theme app to run it and then click “Start Making Theme” blue button once you enter the app window.

start making theme

Add Image
Next is where you can upload a picture or use your webcam as the image source.

After the image has been uploaded, you can adjust its position. Clicking on “Adjust position” will reveal some options such as fit to screen, fill screen, tile image, and custom. It is also possible to apply some effect to the image. When you’re ready to move to the next step, click on “Continue to Step 2” button.

adjust position and apply effects

Add Colors
Here you can manually choose separate colors for the toolbar, background tab and frame. Alternatively, if you want colors that match the image without having to configure it yourself, you can simply click “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

add custom colors

Note that once you click “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, you will be brought instantly to the next screen, the third step. If you don’t like the result of the auto color match, you can undo the changes by clicking “add some color” button on the left.

undo changes or make theme

Install Your Theme
On the third screen, give your custom theme a name (optional) and click “Make my theme” button. You can install the theme–and share it if you want to–afterwards.

install theme

Version tested: My Chrome Theme v2.0 on Google Chrome 25

Congratulation. Now you have your own theme installed on your Chrome browser. Change it anytime you want when you start to get bored with it. Have any other way to change or create a custom Chrome theme?

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