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Copy Tab URL/Location Quickly, Including the Hidden Ones (Firefox)

Recently I’ve just found a Firefox extension that merely offers a capability to copy tab URL/location quickly. It adds a new option to the tab right-click menu. When you right-click a tab and click on the option, the location of the tab is copied to the clipboard.

At first I was asking this to myself when coming across this extension. Why would anyone need an add-on for this? I mean, you can simply copy the active tab simply by right-clicking on anywhere within the URL address bar and select “Copy” from the context menu. Or, you can just clicking on anywhere within the address bar and press Ctrl+C to copy the URL. Then suddenly something crossed my mind that made me right-clicking on another tab–an inactive tab–and it turns out that the URL copy option also appears on the context menu.

This kind of option is quite useful when you open too many tabs, especially when the target tab is located far away from the active tab.

However, the drawback of this extension is that it works only for the unhidden tabs–the ones that you can see without scrolling the tab bar. It is unfortunately unable to display its option within the drop-down tab list.

drop-down tab list

This alone diminishes its usefulness significantly because users have to scroll long to find the tab to be able to copy its URL.

Fortunately, Tab Mix Plus, one of my favorite Firefox addons, has this tab copy feature as well which apparently has escaped from my attention all this time.

Once you finish with the installation, Tab Mix Plus adds several new options to the right-click menu of tab. To copy the location of a hidden tab which is located far from the active one, click the tab list arrow, right-click on the tab and select “Copy Tab URL”.

copy tab from within drop-down tab list

copy inactive tab

Having the ability to copy the URL of the tab without opening the tab, especially when the tab is among the hidden ones because too many tabs are opened, definitely makes the copying job can be done faster. If you’re interested to have other extended copy features for Firefox, perhaps Copy URLs Expert extension can suit your taste.

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