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Copy Multiple Links At Once in Firefox with Copy Urls Expert

Sometimes you probably come across a number of links that you want to copy. Instead of copying the links one by one, perhaps you want to try to install Firefox extension such as Copy Urls Expert so that you can copy multiple links at once.

After installing the extension, multiple links can be copied at once by selecting or highlighting all of the links, right-click on the selection, select “Copy Urls Expert” and then “Urls In Selection”.

urls in selection

In addition to the ability to copy multiple links via the context menu, users can also copy all of the links of the opened tabs in the current window or all windows.

The strength of this extension lies in its ability to customize the way the links are copied and, optionally, save your configuration as a new profile. For example, you can add prefix and postfix to the copied URLs, copy only the urls, copy the urls and their titles altogether, etc. The possibility to create different profiles removes the need to change the configuration from scratch everytime you need to copy links in a different way.

create profiles

Take a look at the screenshot below to see the new profile I created in the extension.

new profile

and here is the result:

Right-clicking on a tab gives you access to the options to copy the URLs of the tabs and open multiple links from clipboard. The extension provides a toolbar button but you have to add it manually via the “Customize Toolbar” window. The default action for the toolbar can also be customized according to your need.

Additionally, the extension lets you copy only links of images.

copy image links

Version reviewed: 2.1.0

>> Go to Firefox add-on page to download and install Copy URLs Expert

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