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Copy Files from Multiple Folders to Multiple Locations At Once

Sometimes you might need to copy files that are located in several folders to a number of different locations. Traditionally, you have to do it one by one, but with this freeware called as Dabel File Mover, you can copy all of them to the specified locations at once.

Dabel File Mover is a portable tool so you can run it instantly without installation. The interface is pretty simple. Once you get there you will see that it provides two copy modes, individual and bulk copy.

The individual mode makes me wonder why it was also included in the application when it offers nothing more than just a simple copy method. Instead of opening an application, pressing Ctrl + C once to copy a single file seems to be more than enough.

The bulk copier, however, offers something different than most copier tools. It allows users to copy files from different locations to multiple destinations at once.

dabel file mover

Specify the folder path by using the Browse button for both the source and the destination folders. Then, hit the “Bulk File Mover” button. Each specified folder will then be copied to its specified location.

Each copy task runs separately. It displays a notification for each completed task that you have to confirm for the application to continue executing the next tasks. If you run 5 copy tasks, then it means you have to confirm 5 times. It would be much better if the notification were made to be less intrusive. Just one simple notification after everything is finished would be good enough.

Can you move files with it? Apparently not. Despite its name, the tool can only copy files.

If you want to copy files from one folder to multiple destinations, here is a simple tip to make it quicker. After you specify the source path in the first box, don’t specify the destination path yet. Instead, go to the second source box, hit “Browse” then “OK”. Do the same for the other source boxes. This way you don’t have to navigate to the path again and again for every box.

All in all, Dabel File Mover is a simple tool that can perform its task relatively fast. Yes, it only lets you run 5 copy tasks at a time, but at least it is still a better option if you don’t want to do them all one by one. The portable application is intended for use on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 but you can also try it on Windows 8 to see if it also works. The homepage doesn’t say anything about Windows 8 but the software’s page at Softpedia says that it is compatible with the Windows ersion as well.

Version tested: Dabel File Mover Beta | Homepage | Download from Softpedia

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