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Convert Webpage to PDF Files With Best Online PDF Converters

On my previous post on how to save webpage as PDF using Google Chrome’s built-in printing option, I’ve mentioned that sometimes I choose to convert webpage to PDF instead of saving it with Evernote or Scrapbook. Sometimes I even use the three tools when I found a really great web content so that I can have more options to access the file later on when I need it. Another advantage of converting web content is that you can share it with others. Evernote has option to share its notes but as far as I know it requires the other persons to install the program as well to be able to read your shared notes. While PDF documents also require PDF reader application to open, it is a more common program to find on PCs.

Anyway, no matter what you need it for, there are a number of online tools to convert webpage to PDF and I’ve been trying to make a list of the good ones. Having tried many online PDF converters, these are the best ones that I can come up with. All of these tools are free, but there are some that offer more features for you who’re willing to pay a few bucks.


From all of the web-based solutions that are listed here, this is the only one that lets you remove unwanted elements from the webpage that you’re about to convert. You can remove all of the images at once or selectively choose which ones to delete. Unwanted text blocks and links can also be removed.

convert webpage to pdf with printfriendly


  • Free, no sign up.
  • Remove unwanted element by clicking on it.
  • Remove all of images in one click.
  • Headings are converted into bookmarks that forms a hierarchical outline that provides an overview of the document.
  • Undo previous element deletion.
  • Adjust text size.
  • You can share the webpage with anyone by email. The recipients can then visit the website via the link inside the email to save the webpage as PDF files.
  • Bookmarklet is available.
  • A Chrome extension is also provided.
  • No watermark added to the pages of the output.
  • Optionally include the URL of the webpage within the output pages.

>> Go to Printfriendly.com <<

Joliprint.com (DISCONTINUED)

What sets it apart from the rest is that it converts webpage in a magazine style. The conversion might be rather slow sometimes but the result is pretty good. Aside from converting by email, there is also an option to convert by Twitter simply by adding @myPDF and the URL in your tweet. You can also send the URL and receive the output via Twitter direct message.


  • Free, no sign up
  • Convert as many as you like
  • Convert by email and twitter
  • Users can convert up to 10 URLs at once via email
  • Convert your reading list on Google Reader, Instapaper and Read It Later.
  • Download, save in Google Docs, share on Facebook or Twitter, email.
  • Joliprint extension for Google Chrome and bookmarklet for other browsers.
  • Joliprint watermark is added to the bottom of each page.
  • The URL of the converted webpage is added to each page, placed vertically on the left side.


Another quick online converter that lets you convert as many URLs as you need. It is also available in browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. Another extension the service provides is the one that allows users to send the converted URL to their Google Docs.


  • Free for basic conversion, no sign up required.
  • Convert URLs as many as you like one by one.
  • Each page of the output has small unobtrosive watermarks on the bottom.
  • Advertisements are included.
  • Extensions are available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

>> Go to Pdfcrowd.com <<


There are two ways you can convert with this online service. First option is to visit the site, type or copy paste the target URL, and hit the button. The second option is to use its bookmarklet which allows you to convert the webpage you’re reading in one click. The free version offers basic conversion that lets you convert a full webpage only. Every page has a small unobtrusive logo watermark on the bottom right corner. You can get rid of the watermark and enjoy more features by upgrading to the paid version.


  • Free, no sign up needed for basic conversion.
  • Pro features are available.
  • Convert as many as you like.
  • Bookmarklet for quick conversion is available.
  • Small PDFmyURL logo watermark is added to the bottom of each page.
  • Advertisements within the converted webpage is added to the output.

>> Go to PDFmyURL.com <<


Fireshot is a browser extension that is available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. The advantages of using it is that you can convert a full webpage from top to bottom or a partial of a webpage to PDF and, if you want to, you can add a text or image watermark to the output before saving. You can also annotate the document.


  • Free.
  • Available for Firefox, Chrome and IE browsers.
  • Convert a whole webpage or just any selected part of the page.
  • Convert as many as needed.
  • Supports page annotation.
  • Text and image watermarks can be added.
  • No company or developer’s watermark on the output.

Note that since Fireshot is a screen capture application, it simply captures the webpage as an image and save it as a PDF file rather than actually converts the webpage. So while the other online converters here convert a long webpage into several pages, Fireshot saves it in one page only.

>> Download and install Fireshot for Chrome, Firefox or IE <<


Aside from visiting the site to perform a conversion, you can also convert an URL to PDF by email. Send the URL to submit@web2pdfconvert.com with subject “Convert”.

Note that you can only send one URL to convert by email. I had tried to send two URLS in one email but only the first URL that was processed.


Another thing to note from this service is that free users are only allowed to perform up to 30 conversions every month.


  • Free, no sign up needed for basic conversion.
  • Paid features are available.
  • Limited up to 30 conversions per month.
  • Optional pdf conversion by email.
  • Download and/or save the output to Google Docs.
  • Ads within the target webpage are included in the conversion.

>> Go to Web2PDFConvert.com << While PDFmyURL, Web2PDFConvert, Pdfcrowd, and of course Fireshot include sidebars within the conversion results, the rest convert only the main content. Using the same webpage for the test, below is the size of each output produced by each tool. As you can see, Fireshot holds the largest size. 363 KB < Printfriendly (without removing any element) 450 KB < Web2PDFConvert 552 KB < PdfCrowd 665 KB < PDFmyURL 860 KB < Joliprint 2.3 MB < Fireshot If you know any other online tools to convert webpage to pdf and can deliver a good conversion result, please let me know.

– Joliprint.com has been discontinued so its link is removed from this post.
– Add tips to save a very long web page containing many images

Tips for Saving A Very Long Web Page That Has Lots of Images

If you find a long web page with many images inside and none of the online services above can convert it well, try this trick.

– Launch Firefox and install Scrapbook.
– Save the web page as a scrapbook.
– Open the saved page in Google Chrome
Press Ctrl+P and choose to save it as PDF.

For example, try this page: http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/photo-effects-tutorials/isolate-product-photos-on-white-background/

From all of the web page to PDF converters above, only Fireshot could do it well. The only drawback is that the hyperlinks aren’t clickable. If you want the hyperlinks to be clickable, you can try using the trick using the combination of Scrapbook in Firefox and the built-in printing feature of Google Chrome.

Additionally, Fireshot saves the whole web page as a long PDF page, while the Chrome print tool saves it into 21 pages.

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