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Compress PNG Image on Windows, Mac, Linux

PNG image is one of the image types preferred by many for sharing pictures on the web. Sometimes the original size of an image is reasonably acceptable but sometimes not, depending on how and with whom you share it. If you send only a single or two PNG images as an email attachment, for instance, then perhaps there is no need to compress the size, especially if the recipient has a good internet connection speed. But if you are a blogger or a webmaster and need to embed some PNG images on a website, then compressing the size would be very helpful for both you and the visitors or readers. There are many PNG optimizer tools out there, including the online ones. PNG Gauntlet and PNG Optimizer are two popular free programs for this specific optimization.

Compress PNG image in batch without quality loss with PNG Gauntlet

PNG Gauntlet makes use of a number of PNG optimization engines to perform the compression. Using 9 PNG images as the test files, the freeware managed to finish the task within 4 minutes 6 seconds at its default settings, and 2 minutes 50 seconds after the OptiPNG option is disabled. The former task saved 385.02 KB and the latter saved 199.32 KB.

keep quality when compressing

optipng disabled

  • It utilizes PNGOUT, OptiPNG, and DeflOpt for the compression, which all are activated by default. OptiPNG and DeflOpt can be disabled to increase the compression speed.
  • Users are provided with a report after the task is finished, which includes the comparison between the original and new size, and how much each file has been compressed.
  • It can be used to convert JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP files to PNG image.
  • By default, it skips the conversion for some images when the output turns out to have a bigger size than its original format. You can set the program to keep processing such files, however. If you enable this option, the output that has a larger size is marked with a red text on the report.
  • Input files can be added from within the main user interface or by drag-and-drop method.
  • Optionally, original images can be overwritten.

Version reviewed:
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required for Windows
Go to the developer’s website for download

Reduce PNG size in bulk faster with PNG Optimizer

If you prefer faster compression and doesn’t care much about the smallest size as long as you can get a reasonably smaller size, try to use this one. The screenshot below is the result of its compression using the same images as the ones used in the PNGGauntlet’s test.

optimize png quickly

  • This one works only with Windows.
  • Portable
  • Fast compression at its default settings.
  • Supports conversion from GIF, BMP and TGA to PNG images
  • Can only add files by drag-and-drop operation.
  • Numerous options to tweak the default configuration (right-click on the user interface to access its Option window).
  • Press the “PrintScreen” button, paste the screenshot on the main user interface to get an optimized PNG image instantly. Note that this “Paste screenshot” function didn’t work when I took a screenshot with a third-party screenshot taking program. After I closed the screenshot program the function worked well.
  • The original files are backed up by default.

Version reviewed: 2.1
Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Vista, XP
Go to the developer’s website for download

I use them both. When I need to compress a few PNG images, I use PNG Gauntlet to reduce the size as much as possible. When I need to process a large amount of images, then I use PNG Optimizer. Both come pretty handy under different specific needs.

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