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Combine Photos Online Easily

In my previous post about various desktop and online tools to combine photos, I hadn’t mentioned FotoFlexer because I’ve just recently found out that this online photo editor can actually be used to merge pictures into one easily. At first I thought it only can join two photos only but it turns out that it can combine more.

How to use FotoFlexer to Combine Photos

Upload Your Images
FotoFlexer doesn’t require registration to get started and save the output. Once you arrive at the website you can upload photos immediately. Just click on the “Upload Photo” button on the right side.

Go to FotoFlexer to start uploading.

front page

The next window is where you can upload photos from either your computer or from the web. As you can see from the screenshot below, FotoFlexer supports a number of popular social networks and image sharing sites such as PhotoBucket, Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, Flickr, Phanfare and Smugmug. If the image is stored on somewhere else on the web, you can just select the “Grab From Web” menu and type the image URL into the box.

upload photo

You have to upload the images one by one because FotoFlexer doesn’t currently support batch upload. If you want to merge 5 photos, it means you have to go back and forth between the editor and uploader window 5 times.

Tips: Run in Full Screen
After uploading all of the images, run FotoFlexer in fullscreen. The default screen isn’t comfortable at all to work in as the space above the editing window is filled up with advertising. You will be able to work with your photos without the obtrusive advertisement in full screen mode.

go to fullscreen mode

Positioning and Merging
Position the photos the way you like by dragging and dropping each picture.

Once you finish positioning the images and ready to merge them all, here is the tricky part.

I don’t why but selecting all images in full-screen mode doesn’t work. To select each picture to be merged, you have to exit the full-screen first.

In normal screen mode, select each photo while holding [Shift] key. Right-click on the images and select “Merge Selected Images”.

combine photos into one

That’s it. Now you have all your photos combined and it’s time to save it.

Saving the Merged Pictures
Click on the “Save” button to start saving the result.

In “Save To” panel, you will see that it is possible to save your photos to the previously mentioned social networks in addition to saving the output locally to your computer.

Furthermore, you can also share it on TinyPic, email to your friend, or grab a link of the result to share it on somewhere else.

The output can be saved in JPG or PNG.

The Verdict
Its advertisement space is indeed obtrusive but you can run it in full-screen mode to work with your pictures without having to get distracted with the ads. Unfortunately the merging cannot be done while you’re running the editor in full screen. Despite these drawback, though, FotoFlexer does a good job at merging images. I’m sure there are still online photo editing tools out there that can do the same task, but if you are in need of one that can combine photos online easily, then you should put FotoFlexer into consideration.

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