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Combine Images Into One Easily (Windows)

Here we have plenty of free desktop and online tools to combine images into one and yet here is another one. This program is perhaps the simplest one among the other similar tools that have been shared here. No blend effect, no overlaying, no text effect and no image rotation. All it does is simply putting your pictures side by side in one place. It’s called Image Grid.

joining images

Image Grid is a portable application for Windows. You can add JPG and PNG images from within the program or drag and drop the pictures into the main window. The images will be arranged automatically. If you’re not happy with it, you can change it by clicking the Rearrange button repeatedly. Clicking the button resizes the pictures as well as changing the number of the columns. Additionally, the position of each image can be swapped by dragging and dropping it. If you think the margins between pictures are too close, you can adjust them by clicking the Margins button repeatedly. The space between images is filled with white color. Afterwards, you can combine the images by saving it.

rearrange pictures

The Erase All button is used to remove all of the images at once so that you can easily start working with another set of your pictures. Each image can also be removed manually by dragging and dropping it out of the main window.

There is no mention as to how many images this program can handle in one go. When I tried to add a large number of pictures at once, it hanged. I managed to add all of them by adding only a number of images and then followed by the other sets of images successively.

Here you are the list of the main features for you who want to read it quickly:

  • Portable.
  • Supports drag and drop.
  • Automatically arrange images.
  • Image position can be swapped manually.
  • All of the images can be removed at once or one by one.
  • Supports PNG and JPG images.

Image Grid 1.1 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. You can download it from the developer’s site (833 KB).

If this program is too simple for your need, you can check out the other image combiner tools that have been shared here.

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