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Close All Tabs to the Right or Left (Firefox)

When it comes to tab management, one feature that I find very helpful from Chrome is its ability to close tabs to the right. It comes absolutely useful to close other tabs which originates from a certain page/tab. You visit a web page–let’s call it the source tab–and middle-clicking on a few links inside to open the pages in separate tabs, and when you’re finished with these pages, you go back to the source tab and close all of the other tabs. If it is the only tab you need then you can just right-click on the tab and select “Close Other Tabs”, but what if you have other tabs to the left that you still need to open? The functionality to close tabs to the right thus becomes very handy in this case, and this is what Firefox still lacks. Not even Tab Mix Plus–one of my main reasons of why I make Firefox my default browser–provides this functionality.

You can use the “Protect Tab” functionality of Tab Mix Plus to protect the tabs to the left from being closed, right-clicking on the source tab and then select “Close Other Tabs” without worries, but what if you have too many left tabs to be protected? Sure you can still click on each tab to protect it one by one, but there is another way much faster than this. Use “Close other tabs” add-on.


It doesn’t only close tabs to the right or left but it also lets you close them with a shortcut key. As a matter of fact, every closing action it has can be done with a hotkey:

  • Ctrl+Shift+F3 closes all tabs on the left of the active one
  • Ctrl+Shift+F4 closes all tabs except the active one
  • Ctrl+Shift+F5 closes all tabs on the right of the active one
  • Ctrl+Shift+F6 closes all tabs with the same domain as the active one
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4 closes all windows except the active one

For a much simpler alternative, you can try this one. No hotkey, no other functionality. It just adds an option to close all tabs to the right in the Firefox tab menu. Great for you who doesn’t need the bells and whistles of the previously-mentioned add-on above.

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