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Clean Broken Shortcuts from Desktop and Start Menu With Bad Shortcut Killer [Windows]

Broken shortcuts can be the result of incomplete uninstallations. Another way to break a shortcut is to remove the application’s location to somewhere else. Since a shortcut isn’t dynamic, it doesn’t react to the changes and thus it stays there while keep referring to the old program’s location. And since a broken shortcut doesn’t have a visible sign, users won’t know it until they click it. Hence, if you install and uninstall applications very often, you might need a tool to easily clean broken shortcuts more than anyone else.

Meet Bad Shortcut Killer, a free application that lets you remove invalid shortcuts from desktop and start menu in just three steps. The first click is to find any shortcut that no longer works, then select all of the detected items, and finally remove all of them.

After the scan is completed, users can view the list of the shortcuts. Each shortcut comes with its status and full path information. Below the list you can find an option to check all of the shortcuts at once. Or, you can choose individually if you want to keep some shortcuts to be, for instance, updated manually.

Note that the installer comes with two unnecessary objects. The first one is Delta toolbar. Make sure to choose the “Advanced” option and uncheck the boxes before clicking the “Decline” button. The second is RegClean Pro, which can be prevented from installing itself by hitting the “Decline” button again.

Reviewed version: Bad Shortcut Killer 2 | Homepage

Bad Shortcut Killer is a handy tool to keep your PC clean from useless shortcuts. Still, having to install an application just to get rid of some shortcuts might be too much for some users which is why a portable version of it should be made available. For anyone interested to give it a try, the application supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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