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Chrome Extension to View Image Width, Height, Size: Image Size Info

Some images on the web, especially those at wallpaper sites, comes with information regarding their width, height and size, but many others don’t. When finding an image with no such information, one of the possible common solutions is saving the image and then view it within Windows Explorer or an image viewer program to find out the details. To make it easier, try to use Image Size Info.

Image Size Info is a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly view the properties of an image such as width, height and size. After installing the extension, right-click on an image and select “Image Size Info”. A pop-up window appears immediately which lets you know the URL, original dimension, the displayed dimension and file size of the picture. There is a button next to the URL box that opens the image in new tab when you click it.

Image Size Info

The “displayed dimension” information comes handy in certain situations like when you want to find out the original dimension of an image thumbnail. Normally, you can only find out if the thumbnail is actually a small or a big picture after you click on it.

The default width of the box is 500px but it can be changed via the Options panel of the extension. Still, you can only change it to either 400px or 600px.

The other options let you disable the “open in new tab” button and “show date” field. Also, you can specify your own dimension display format.


The extension doesn’t include image type information, though. Moreover, there are probably a number of certain sites where it doesn’t work properly. For instance, the images on Google Chrome Web Store. Still, Image Size Info is a handy tool to keep. No more you have to save and open a picture in a separate image viewer or Windows explorer just to find out its dimension details.

Version tested: Image Size Info 1.7.7 | Download from Chrome Web Store

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