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Can’t Play MKV Properly? Fix Broken MKV Video Easily (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Can’t play MKV? You have downloaded an MKV video file and it plays without trouble at first, but then the movie suddenly disappears at some point, leaving only a black screen to watch. This is pretty annoying, especially when the video has a huge size and your internet connection is not so good. What would you feel after having spent of hours of downloading only to find out that the video can’t be played properly? If this happens to you, if you download a corrupt MKV video that has some general playback issue, you can try to repair it with Meteorite.

Meteorite is a portable freeware specifically designed to fix broken MKV video. All you need to do is dragging and dropping the corrupt video to the main interface of the program and it will fix the file immediately. The result will be saved as a new video (meteorite.filename.mkv) in the original video’s folder.


The repair is usually fast, but unfortunately there is no information to let users know if the video has been successfully repaired or not. The only way to find out is to play the output.

Since the result is saved in the same folder, make sure to check the available space first before starting the repair.

Beside being able to fix the sudden disappear as mentioned above in the first paragraph, the program can also fix another playback issue. For example, more than often I jump from one scene to another scene by moving the slider but there is this video that didn’t respond it well. I had to wait for some time before the scene I jumped to is displayed. Fortunately, the program was able to repair it. Note that I used VLC Player to play the video.

Version reviewed: 0.11
Download Meteorite from Sourceforge or Videohelp to fix broken MKV

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