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Box.com Free Storage Up To 50 GB (Promo)

The standard free personal storage at Box.com is only 5 GB and normally users have to pay for a few bucks to upgrade their account for more storage space. Fortunately, there are times when they decide to give away more space to users. If you don’t have a Box.com account yet, then this is the perfect time to subscribe for a new free account.

Currently, there are three promos around that let you get much more space at Box.com provided that you’re a new user. Here you are the promos along with the sign up links:

Free 15 GB space + sync account with Teambox: https://cloud.box.com/signup/o/teambox

box 15gb promo

Free 25 GB with the Gigs for Gameday Challenge: https://www.box.com/signup/o/25gigsforgameday

box 25gb promo

Free 50 GB for Life and 50GB for Coworkers or Friends: https://www.box.com/signup/o/dell_50gb_give_get

box 50gb promo

Imagine having 50GB for life which normally has to be paid for $19.99 per month. Isn’t that great? Even though the last one–the biggest one–is sponsored by Dell, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a Dell customer to grab the offer.

In the previous two promos there are statements that you have to agree not to use the free accounts for commercial use but there is no such statement on the 50GB offer. Does it mean that the biggest offer allows to be used for commercial use? You can ask this to Box support staff just to be sure.

Note: there is no information as to when this promo will end and it seems that all of these promos are provided only for new users. I do already have a free account but do not see any size upgrade on my storage space there so it is safe to assume that only new users who can enjoy these giveaways.

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