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Block & Unblock Image Loading With A Shortcut Key in Firefox Browser

With add-ons like Setting Sanity and Image Block, you can easily block images in Firefox by pressing a toolbar button, but what if you want to use a hotkey instead? Picture Blocker is a new extension that makes it possible.

Block/Allow image loading by pressing user-defined hot keys and/or a toggle button. Inspired by the add-on ‘Image Block’ by Hemant Vats.

Picture Blocker's Button

Picture Blocker is a restartless add-on so you don’t have to restart Firefox after the installation. Once installed, it adds a button on Firefox navigation toolbar. Click the button before you open a website and the images will be blocked. If you already open a web page, click the button and reload the page to block the images.

By default, the shortcut key to disable images is alt + i, but you are free to change it.


Regarding the button appearance, unlike Setting Sanity’s, it shows a noticeable sign when you click it, letting you know if the images are blocked or unblocked. Moreover, there is an option to show notifications. When this option is enabled, the extension displays the notifications on the bottom right corner of the browser’s window.

Image Blocking Notification

And unlike Image Blocker’s button which cannot be moved around in the customization mode, this one can be freely moved anywhere within the navigation toolbar (or add-on bar).

For the purpose of total image blocking in Firefox browser, Picture Blocker is a better option than Image Block and Setting Sanity—simply because it is restartless and you have the freedom to move the location of its button—but for selective image blocking, you may want to use Setting Sanity or perhaps Tab Permissions and Come back “Block image from ad.sites” extensions.

Version reviewed: Picture Blocker 0.1 on Firefox 36

This article is published and edited on March 13, 2015

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