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How to Block A Program from the Internet in Windows With Firewall

There are a number of reasons why people want to block some programs from the internet. It could be because a program keeps accessing the internet to check if there is a new update and then download it without giving you any option to disable the automatic behavior, which is not good since the latest version doesn’t always mean better than the previous one—in some cases you might even find that some of the very good features are removed. Another possibility is the existence of an application that always connect to the internet everytime you start it, resulting in a slight delay of the launch in addition to wasting your bandwidth.

In short, when you use a program so that you can do stuff offline, then it should always be offline unless you tell it otherwise.

Regardless of the reason, you can block programs from the internet via Windows firewall or by using third-party applications. It might look difficult but it actually quite simple as long as you follow the steps closely.

1. First, open up the firewall. Click the Start menu, type firewall in the search section, and then click on Windows Firewall (or select “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” if you want to get to the menu a bit faster).

Alternatively, you can also open the firewall via the Run dialog by typing firewall.cpl


2. In the left column of the main screen of the firewall, find and click the “Advanced settings”.


3. Next, find and click “Outbound Rules” in the left column of the window.

select outbound rules

4. Click “New Rule” on the right side of the window

create new rule

5. In the “New Outbound Rule Wizard”, make sure to select “Program” and then click “Next”.

select program

6. Insert the path of the application that you want to block in “This program path” section by clicking the “Browse…” button and then navigate to the location of the program.

insert program location

7. Once you find it, double-click on the application to insert the path. Here we use UC Browser to demonstrate this tutorial. You can replace it with the application that you want to block from accessing the internet.


8. Hit the Next button

click next

9. Select “Block connection” and then click the “Next” button to continue.

select block connection

10. By default the three items are checked. If you aren’t sure which one of them the rule should be applied to, just hit the Next button.


11. Provide a name for the blocking rule that you’re about to create. You can pick any name, but you should use a relevant one so that you can easily spot the rule later on when you decide to disable it. After that, click the Finish button. You will be brought back to the Advanced Outbound Windows Firewall Settings window afterwards.

provide a descriptive name

Here you will be brought back to the Outbound Rules section where you can see that the new rule has been added to the list.

the new rule

That’s it. Now you’ve blocked the application from accessing the internet. The rule can be disabled or even deleted much easier in case you change your mind.

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