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Blank New Tab for Chrome With A Bit of Stylish Touch

Google Chrome new tab is typically consisted of thumbnails of your most visited websites or a collection of apps. It is supposed to be handy but apparently there are some users who find that it isn’t useful as it is supposed to be. Moreover, some others might not want their most visited sites to be displayed on screen like that because that means everyone can see where or how they spend the most of their time when they are going online. Thus, they want to remove the “decorations” and replace it with a completely blank new tab.

No matter what your reason is, there is a quick fix to this issue. Use Chrome extension.

One Chrome extension that can change the default new tab to a blank page is Empty New Tab Page. With this extension you will have a completely white blank page whenever you open a new tab. Additionally, you will also probably like it more when you find that opening a new tab feels faster than usual after installing the extension.

If you just want to have it totally blank without any stuff addition whatsoever, then the above extension is the best one for you. No bells and whistles. No fancy option. Just blank.

However, if you simply want to hide the thumbnails to protect your privacy, you probably do not mind to make your new tab look more interesting and a bit useful by adding stylish clock and dates. It doesn’t hamper the speed of opening new tab, after all. After you use Empty New Tab, you can try to disable it and install New Tab Clock extension to feel the difference.

This New Tab Clock extension adds customizable clock and dates in the middle of the screen of every new tab page. The background color can be changed to. Just right click on the clock or background to change the style.

Both are good choices to replace the default style of Chrome new tab page. Users can keep their privacy protected while enjoying additional advantages from each. Goodbye, Chrome thumbnails.

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