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Best Free Stock Photo Websites for Commercial & Personal Use

There is a growing number of free stock photo resources on the internet, but sometimes you might still find it hard to get the ones that you’re really looking for.

That is why this list is made.

Many images shared by these websites are CC0 licensed which basically mean you can do almost anything with the pictures. However, some others, while are still free, fall under different licenses. So make sure to read the license for each site before you grab anything.

TIPS: Instead of visiting these websites each time you need a photo, add them to your browser as search engines or assign keywords so that you can perform searches right from the address bar.

1. Pixabay

Free photo from Pixabay

Pixabay offers hundreds of thousands of awesome photos, vectors and art illustrations which are licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0).

Each photo comes in different resolutions. While you can download the smallest resolution immediately, you have to complete captchas for medium to large resolutions. Membership is required to download photos in full resolution.

To make it much easier for users to quickly discover the perfect images, Pixabay employs a search engine that lets users find photos based on certain criterias like color or dimension.

2. Pexels


Pexels offers yet another huge collection of pictures curated from different sources. All photos are licensed under CC0 license. No registration. Hitting the download button will get you the highest resolution a photo has.

3. FoodiesFeed

free pasta photo from foodiesfeed

FoodiesFeed photos are all about food, no creative common license but the free photos are free to use and edit , no attribution required but greatly appreciated, no sign up required. If you want to get new photos delivered to your inbox, you can join the newsletter.

Aside from photos, you can also find free PSDs at the website. Just remember not to sell the photos because Jakub, the site owner, doesn’t allow such practice.

4. Unsplash

Free photo from Unsplash

All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash.

You can grab any image that you like right away without registering an account, but you will receive 10 new free photos every 10 days if you’re willing to submit your email address.

Don’t forget to check out their Google Chrome extension as well which will show you a beautiful photo every time you open a new tab.

5. Realistic Shots

realistic shot photos

Realistic Shots gives 7 new photos every week that you can use for commercial and personal projects. No need for any registration. Feel free to download any photo you like.

6. Magdeleine

magdeleine creative common photo

In addition to common categories, Magdeleine also divides photos into two sections based on their licenses: one for photos that fall under CC0 license, and the other one is for photos that require attribution.

7. Kaboompics

free photo from kaboompics

You can do nearly anything with the images, commercial or not. For example you can use photos for client works, HTML/PSD templates (for sale), in articles, Power Point presentations, print on t-shirts. Also you can distribute my PSD files with photos included in design. Attribution greatly appreciated.

Kaboompics is another resource to take into consideration whenever you need free photos for your projects. Photo redistribution in photo sharing sites is not allowed, so if you can’t find any suitable image in Pixabay or Pexels, see if you can get any luck in Kaboompics.

8. Moveast

free cc0 photo from moveast

Gifted by photographer João Pacheco, Moveast provides photo stock of the eastern world under the CC0 license. It’s a nice resource to have if you don’t mind with the absence of search box.

9. SplitShire

free picture from splitshire

SplitShire features nothing but high-quality photos taken by photographer Daniel Nanescu, all of which are licensed under Public Domain Mark, meaning that you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

10. PicJumbo

free public domain photo picjumbo

PicJumbo, which was started by Viktor Hanacek because his photos were rejected by stock photo sites, has a large collection of lovely photos. According to the site’s FAQ and Terms, the photos are free for commercial use, and attribution greatly appreciated which implies that attribution is not required.

11. Stokpic

free photo from stockpic

Stokpic applies its own license for most photos but you can still use them free for commercial projects without having to provide attribution. No membership required but subscribers get 10 new photos every two weeks sent by email.

12. New Old Stock

vintage photo from new old stock

Brought by Cole Townsend, New Old Stock is a unique site collecting various vintage photos from the Public Archives. Attribution is a must. No sign up required.

13. Photo Everywhere

banana from photo everywhere

Photo Everywhere features stunning travel stock photos from around the world. More than 3600 high-resolution photos licensed under CC BY 2.5 are ready to use for free. Users can find photos by map, by geographic location, or by using the search feature. No membership required.

14. Lock and Stock Photos

orange photo

Lock and Stock Photos offers free photos that you can use in any way.

15. Free Food Photos

The chopped onion photo above is just one of the many food photos provided by Free Food Photos. The photos are free but you must provide attribution. Also, don’t resell the images.

16. Barn Images

free bamboo photo from barn images

Barn Images. You can remix, tweak, and build upon your work, without asking for permission or attributing the photos, but do not resell or redistribute the photos.

17. PolarFox

free soccer photo from polarfox

PolarFox. CC0 license, high resolution photos, searchable, no membership required.

18. ISO Republic

free ipad photo from iso republic

ISO Republic. Free to use for personal and commercial projects, no attribution required but requested, high resolution photos, no need to sign up to download images, searchable. All of the photos are exclusive to the site.

19. StockSnap

stocksnap photo

StockSnap provides a great number of photos that are ready to download anytime you want to. Signing up is only for users who want new free photos to be sent to their email addresses every single week.

Each photo within the site comes with some information such as how many views it gets, how many times it has been downloaded, and how many users think it is worth to earn favorites.

20. Free Nature Stock

free stone photos from free nature stock

Free Nature Stock by Adrian Pelletier. CC0 license, high resolution photos, searchable, no membership required.

21. MMT

free business photo from mmt

MMT is a personal site created by Jeffrey Betts to collect and share his high-resolution photos, all of which are licensed under CCO license. No membership required, and in addition to save photos to your computer, you can also save them to your Dropbox folder.

22. DesignersPics

free shoes photo from designerspics

DesignersPics doesn’t use creative common license but still you’re free to use the photos as long as you don’t resell or redistribute them. No attribution and membership required. High resolution.


PickupImage. Public domain photos, high resolutions, require sign up.
Picography. Free high resolution photos to use however you like, searchable pictures but no categorization, no subscription.
Public Domain Archives. Free vintage and modern photos are added every week, no sign up for downloads, subscribe only if you want to get new photos delivered to your inbox.
Raumrot shares free handpicked and curated photos under public domain license. Note that you have to pick one of the categories to find the free photos.
Flickr. The search engine at Flickr lets you find photos based on license: any license, creative common, commercial use allowed, commercial use and mods allowed, no known copyright restrictions, etc.

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