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Batch Resize Images with Side-by-Side Preview Support for Comparison (Windows)

Need to batch resize images but want to preview the result beforehand? Try Free Image Resizer developed by iWesoft. This freeware allows you to compare the original and the resized images one by one.

It adds two options to Windows explorer right-click menu: Resize Pictures and Resize Pictures Pro, which appears every time you right-clicking on an image file. You can also drag and drop files to its main user interface in case you prefer it that way.

Resize Pictures is by which you can instantly resize selected images without the bells and whistles, while Resize Pictures Pro is the one that provides the chance for users to do more things, such as viewing selected images, previewing pictures, adding images from different folders, and applying different resizing mode.

Many size profiles are included. What’s more, instead of merely displaying numbers, some are labeled. For instance, the size presets for Facebook timeline cover, iPhone, Sony PSP, etc.

After resizing images, a short report is displayed in which users can find out if there was any image that is failed to process. Additionally, the total number of the images that are successfully resized is also displayed. An option to open the output folder is included as well.

thumbnail mode

batch resize settings

full preview


  • Customizable layout: thumbnails, gallery, pane, details
  • Thumbnail cache for faster loading the next time you open the same images.
  • Thumbnail cache deletion.
  • Add images within one folder instantly with or without including the subfolders.
  • Adjustable column selection for view in details mode.
  • Adjustable thumbnail size for better view.
  • Users can maximize window for wider view when you load many images.
  • Batch resize images.
  • Image rotation.
  • Resizing profiles – Users can change the size of a preset if necessary, but cannot add new profiles.
  • 5 resizing mode: Fit, Stretch, Center, Crop, Content Aware Resize.
  • 5 resizing actions:
    • Resize and Create Copies
    • Resize Original
    • Resize and Move
    • Resize and Compress (ZIP)
    • Create PDF from the resized images.
  • Support drag and drop and Windows explorer context-menu.
  • Optionally keep aspect ratio when resizing pictures.
  • Resize images in pixels, percent, centimeters, inches.
  • Compare images side by side.
  • Preview images: click the Preview button or double-click on the image to open it in the Preview window.
  • Optionally auto run the program on Windows startup (check the Help panel).
  • Optionally make it portable to run from your USB portable devices (check the Help panel).
  • A short report after resizing pictures with option to open the destination folder after resizing process is completed.
  • The output can be saved in the same folder as original or choose your own folder.


  • When tested on Windows 7, Free Image Resizer 1.5 has made Windows explorer crashed three times when trying to resize a single image via right-click menu using its “Resize Pictures” option, so in the meantime users who encounter such an error should use only the “Resize Pictures Pro” option until the developer fixes it.
  • The nag screen – Sometimes the program asks you to “Facebook like” or tweet it when you close the program.

short report

nag screen

iWesoft Free Image Resizer is designed to work with Windows 7/Windows Vista/WinXP/Windows 2000. You can download the installer from the developer’s website if you’re interested.

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