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Back to Top Button & Shortcut in Firefox

Most of the content here until this day are composed of long articles. Thus, when you reach the bottom you are often far from the top of page. Scrolling your way back to the top is of course isn’t something you like to do often. Fortunately, all browsers we know allows you to jump to top, and bottom, of the page simply by hitting a single keyboard key, which are “Home” and “End” key.

Unfortunately, the “Home” key isn’t always convenient to be used. When you are scrolling a long web page with your mouse, isn’t it nicer, faster, more convenient, and more efficient if you can just click a button without moving your fingers from the mouse to keyboard? This is where these two Firefox add-ons come in handy.

Go To Top
This one perfectly suits if you only need a simple and quick way to go to the top of page without having to bother with numerous settings. It just adds a single “go to top” arrow button on Firefox toolbar.

Back To Top
If you want more features, you should try this add-on. By default, it adds three buttons on Firefox status bar:

  • Go to top
  • Go to bottom
  • Unicon

You can hide and unhide any of the buttons. The Unicon one is a good choice to keep if you want to save some space. Left-click on it to jump to top, right-click on it to jump to bottom. Two abilities in one icon.


What’s more, you can map the clicks if you want to change how it works when certain click is performed on the icons. For instance, using the middle-click to go to top of the page instead of the default left-click.

This add-on also offers the capability to scroll horizontally with the combination of shortcuts and mouse clicks. I find that scrolling the horizontal sliding bar with mouse or with left and right arrow keyboard buttons is more convenient, so I keep it that way.

screenshot 02

Additionally, two new commands are added to your Firefox’s context menu. Just right-click on anywhere on a web page, and you can instantly go back to top or jump to the bottom. It seems that the commands, which are “Go to top” and “Go to bottom”, are placed as near as possible to the top of the context-menu so that users can quickly access them. I do have a rather long Firefox context-menu but I can reach to the commands easily and quickly. Much faster and easier than moving my mouse to the toolbar or status bar.

Note that you have to manually place the buttons to the toolbar if you want to put them there. Right-click on the toolbar, then select and click on the “Customize” option. Drag and drop the buttons from the Customize window to the toolbar area.

screenshot 03

Try any of the two. If you navigate long web pages oftentimes, you will find it very useful and, perhaps, cannot even live without it after you get used to the convenience.

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