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Automatically Turns Volume Down During Loud Scenes of A Movie to Prevent Sudden Loud with Sound Lock

You’re watching a movie. You’ve set the volume so that you can clearly hear the dialog, but then that particular scene suddenly comes in and the sound is a lot louder that makes you almost jump from your chair and then quickly turn down the volume. When the dialog scene comes back, the sound becomes quiet again that makes you turn up the volume. Unless you want to keep altering the volume throughout the movie, you should use a headphone. Or, use Sound Lock, a free program for Windows made to prevent sudden loud by limiting the maximum loudness.

By using Sound Lock, your volume will be automatically turned down during the loud scenes to a specified volume level and then restored to normal after they finish. This way you can watch the movie without having to adjust the volume over and over again.

sound lock
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It sits on the tray. Left-clicking on its icon will reveal its main interface where you can see a volume slider as well as buttons to turn it on/off. Move the slider to limit the volume to the level where you can hear the quiet scenes well. When a loud scene appears, the program will lower the sound to the limit you have set.

Right-clicking on its tray icon reveal its settings such as which channels to control and filter mode.

The settings interface can also be opened where you can find more options to have in addition to the previously mentioned like optionally launch it when Windows starts, auto enable Sound Lock when you launch it, and always show Sound Lock window. You can open it through the main interface by clicking on the gear icon next to the program’s title.

Version reviewed: Sound Lock 1.3.2, tested on Windows 7

Download Sound Lock for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008.

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