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Automatic Volume Changer to Adjust Volume Based on Time of Day (Windows)

Turning down volume or using headphones when watching a movie or listening to music at night is a wise decision to do. However, you might sometimes forget to do so. This is where an automatic volume changer program comes very handy. Instead of manually turning down and up the volume, you can just let such application changes the volume automatically. Here we have already covered Volume Concierge that adjust volume automatically based on time of day and Sound Lock that keeps Windows volume at the same level the whole time. Now here is another one called as Speaker Admin.

automatic volume changer

Speaker Admin provides up to five customizable volume profiles. You can specify how loud the volume must be at certain hour of the day for each profile. For instance, you might want to set it lower than the 10% of the total volume at the middle of the night.

By default the application locks the system volume so it can’t be changed during the time interval. Only after the time interval ends the volume can be changed by other application. I tried a couple of times to increase the volume using the volume control on the tray during the time interval but failed. If you don’t want to be blocked like this, uncheck the option “only this application can alter system volume”.

If you want to keep the volume lock option enabled and want to prevent others from accessing the program to change volume, you can password-protect it.

Another option is to hide its tray icon so no one would ever find out that the program is running unless he views the list of the processes in the Task Manager. The tray icon can be restored by muting/unmuting the volume a number of times using the system volume control. By default it needs 10 times mutes/unmutes to restore it.

hide its tray icon

Please note before installing that the installation seems to require internet connection. This is indicated by the message displayed on the developer’s site which advices users to cancel the installation if it takes too long because their servers are in maintenance mode.


Another important thing to note is that the installation attempts to install unnecessary toolbar and changes your homepage and new tab page. So please be sure to click the Skip button to block these attempts.


Quick Overview:

  • It uses 24-hour scheme.
  • Five configurable volume profiles with three volume parameters: Exactly, Lower than, Greater than.
  • Easy to use.
  • Optionally prevent other applications from changing the volume when a profile is running.
  • Optionally lock the program with your own password to block unathorized access.
  • Can be hidden to tray.
  • Its tray icon can be hidden.
  • Optionally start with Windows.
  • Include adware within its installation bundle so be careful.
  • Requires internet connection for the installation.
  • Speaker Admin is compatible with Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows XP (32/64 bit), and Windows 2K. Visit the developer’s homepage to download the installer.

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