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Auto Hide Mouse Pointer in Windows When Idle

Mouse pointer can sometimes be distracting like when you’re watching videos, editing some text or reading an online article, which might make you want the ability to hide the cursor. While a distracting cursor can simply be moved away manually, there is a tool that makes it much easier. AutoHideMouseCursor is a portable application designed for Windows that hides the mouse pointer automatically after it is inactive for some time.

The default inactivity time that triggers the auto cursor hide is 5 seconds, which can be changed by scrolling the bar. The application runs its task once you launch it. The cursor is automatically displayed again as you move your mouse.

Once you specify an inactivity time, you can minimize it to tray by clicking “#To-Tray”. Note that clicking the close button will also send the application to tray instead of exit it. If you want to exit the application, hit your ESC button. Or, click the Options and uncheck “Minimize to tray if Close” to exit the program when the Close button is pressed.

It is also possible to hide the program instead of sending it to tray. Moreover, it can also be configured to start in stealth mode. To make the interface appears again, double-click on its EXE file.

the options

One thing to note is that you can’t use your mouse scroll wheel when the cursor is hidden. Try this. Open a long web page and scroll slowly to the bottom. When it reaches the specified inactivity time, the cursor is gone and the scrolling suddenly stops even though you’re still actively moving the scroll wheel button. You have to move the mouse to display the cursor again, then you can continue scrolling the page. It’s kind of disrupting my flow of reading, especially when reading a long forum thread.

Hence, what I wish here for the improvement is the ability to keep using the scroll wheel when the cursor is hidden. Or, at least a hotkey to show the program’s interface so that I can quickly check the “disable” box to turn off the auto-hide function temporarily.

In the mean time, you have to click its tray icon to display its interface in order to disable it. If you don’t want to do it everytime you’re about to read a long page, you can use the arrow buttons on your keyboard for the scrolling instead of the scroll wheel.

Version tested: AutoHideMouseCursor 1.64 | Homepage

Auto Hide Mouse Cursor Free is a simple yet a very helpful one to keep. Portable, small size and consumes only a very small resource. It can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

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