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Auto Hide Chrome Download Bar

The option to auto hide Chrome download bar after the download is finished is perhaps one of the features that I want so bad to be added to the browser. Or, even better, I want an option to completely hide it when downloading a file and only appears when I want it to. I personally find it pretty annoying with the fact that the download bar remains visible even after I move to another tab. What’s the point of displaying the bar strip on screen all the time, especially when I already know that the files have been fully downloaded? It just takes up space.

This download bar appears whenever a file is downloaded. Yes, we can close the download bar manually by clicking its close button, but I guess there is no one wants to do it over and over again.

One can also use a shortcut trick to hide it. When the download bar is displayed again, press Ctrl + J to display the download page and then press Ctrl + W to close the page. You will notice that the download bar is closed as well once you press the Ctrl + J hotkey. However, this is not good enough. I don’t want to do this manual thing every time I want to hide the bar.

Fortunately, there is this Chrome extension called as Always Clear Download. What it does is clear your download list every 5 seconds and automatically hide the download bar. No more manually touching the download close button. No more manually pressing the hotkeys above. No more having to open the download list page to clear it. Just install the extension and let it does the whole thing for you.

At first I thought this extension will hide the download bar even if the download is still in progress, but apparently it doesn’t. When I downloaded a file, the bar remained visible during the download progress. A few seconds after the download was completed, the bar was hidden and the download list page was cleared automatically.

The reason of why the download bar keeps visible even after the download is finished is perhaps to allow users to interact with the downloaded files. It’s a good reason, but Google should put users who dislike the behavior into consideration and provides option to hide the bar. Until such feature is provided, perhaps the only solution to overcome the issue is to use extension such as this Always Clear Download. It doesn’t provide option (in fact, no option at all) to completely hide the bar strip from screen but it has been really helpful already the way it is now. You should give it a try.

Install Always Clear Download from Google Chrome Web Store

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