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Auto Export Full Articles of Pocket to Evernote

Is it possible to automatically send full articles from Pocket to Evernote? Yes, it’s possible. While Pocket is a great app for quick-saving and reading web contents, Evernote is a better option for archiving articles. It may look overkill to use these two to manage your article collection, but I use them to prevent Evernote from being cluttered.

It’s all started when I realized that my Evernote is full with articles that I don’t really need to keep in the long run. I used to remove them manually one by one but the task seem to be more and more time consuming as the number growing up. I needed a solution, and after trying out a few Read-It-Later apps, I chose Pocket.

The thing is, Pocket doesn’t allow you to send the articles to Evernote. Not the web app, not the extensions. The only way I can export contents from Pocket to Evernote is by using Pocket Android App (link).

Fortunately, there is IFTTT. You can find many recipes here when it comes to Pocket and Evernote integration. However, most recipes I tried only able to send excerpts to Evernote, not the whole content.

After trying a number of recipes, I finally found one that works:

Save all favorited items from Pocket to Evernote FULL ARTICLES using ukeeper.com.

The name of the recipe speaks for itself. It allows you to automatically send only the stuff that you have favorited in Pocket to your Evernote by making use of the online service of Ukeeper (it’s free).

Here is how to do it.

  1. Visit ukeeper.com
  2. Fill out the Regular e-mail with your personal email and the Forwarding e-mail with your Evernote email address. Hit the Submit button.

    Register Ukeeper

  3. Open your personal email and confirm your Ukeeper registration.
  4. Go to this page to use the IFTTT recipe.
  5. Activate Pocket and Gmail Channels by clicking each button and follow the instructions.
  6. Fill out the form with one of the provided emails (I used “drops@ukeeper.com”)
  7. Click the “Add Recipe” button.
  8. Hit the “Done” button.

Pocket article saved in Evernote

Now open your Pocket and favorite some stuff. In my case, my Pocket contents were delivered to Evernote only a few seconds after I favorited them.

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